Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Handcrafted Ceramic Jewelry

You don't often think about ceramics in jewelry, but the same qualities that draw me to ceramic dishware (color, weight, smoothness - to name a few) make ceramics an ideal medium for jewelry. It can also be a more affordable way to purchase a handmade piece of art from one of your favorite ceramicists. There are all kinds of ceramic artists out there making wonderful jewelry. Here are just a few:

Mette Scherning

Mette Scherning is a Danish porcelain artist whose works are available in Europe and Japan. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair of her earrings last fall during a visit to Amsterdam, and they're just about the only pair of earrings I wear.

mette1 mette2 mette3

Tasha McKelvey

From Tasha's artist statement: "I realized that small scale ceramic work provided infinitely more opportunities to experiment with clays, glazes and firing techniques than larger clay work. My ceramic jewelry soon took on a style of its own, separate from my pottery. I now create hand-carved molds using geometric and botanical designs specifically for my jewelry line..."

She's also having a jewelry sale in her Etsy shop!

tasha1 tasha2 tasha3

Kim Westad

Kim Westad is well-known for her graceful vessels and whirls, but she's also designing some amazing pendants. Check out the textures on these!

westad1 westad2 westad3

Judy Tavill

Judi Tavill brings her background in fashion design to her aesthetic as a ceramics artist with these whimsical pieces.

tavill1 tavill2 tavill3


Surly is quite prolific and has designs ranging from skulls and coffins to hearts to flowers and trees. Here are a few of my favorites:

surly1 surly2 surly3

Michelle Swafford Pottery

Michelle "strive(s) to create colorful, elegant pottery and jewelry pieces that will dress up your table or your body!" How fabulous is that ring?

mspottery1 mspottery2 mspottery3 mspottery4

I hope you enjoyed perusing these ceramic jewelry works as much as I did, and maybe you'll find a little special something for yourself or a loved one!

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