Monday, September 8, 2008

Ceramic Animal Figurines

2008_09 004For some, the thought of ceramic animal figurines, might conjure up thoughts of grandma's cluttered curio cabinet, but when used sparingly, a cute little animal here and there can add whimsy and warmth to mantels and tablescapes. I recently purchased this pair of peacocks from Etsy seller VintageEye, thinking that I might use them in my shop photos, but I think they're a little big for that. So now I'm looking for the right spot to display them, and I went to Flickr in search of inspiration from some display masters.

Sfgirlbybay is constantly re-arranging her home and never seems to run out of new ideas. Here's a collection of deer atop one of her Keep Calm posters.

Another sweet deer, this one tucked in among some colorful dishes, by type.wright.


Lena Corwin displays a pair of proud doves atop a stack of books.

A colorful deer gang (or is it a flock? or a herd? maybe a posse) adorns Just Jenny's mantle.


And who wouldn't want to sit down to work with this little owl collection by Decor8 at your desk to keep you company?

To find some little friends to liven up your own displays, there's plenty to be found on Etsy:

How about some owl salt and pepper shakers?

thirteenleaf uglybetty

L: Vintage owl salt and pepper shakers from thirteen leaf home; R: Vintage Grey Owl Salt N Pepper Set from Ugly Betty Vintage

Or a deer?

tawnilla constantgatherer

L: Ceramic Deer with Antlers Figurine from The Aviary; R: Vintage Deer Figurine from The Constant Gatherer

Or maybe some swans?

hownowjpg vintageeye

L: Vintage Swan Vase or Planter from How Now Design; R: Vintage Andre Richard Salmon Pink Ceramic Swan Figurine by Vintage Eye

So many cute animals out there, just waiting for a home....

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Biba said...

I love all these cute animals so much, i agree placed carefully they look pretty cool and anti-granny ;)