Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Holidays

My Etsy shop has been neglected as of late, but I'm looking forward to going on a few buying runs soon. In the meantime, I've gathered up some of my existing inventory that would be a lovely addition to a holiday table.

 First up, serving bowls.

Let's look a little closer...

On the left we have a Vernon Kilns Raffia bowl. Next to that is a Santa Anita Ware Covered Casserole, which is large enough that it could easily serve as a soup tureen.

 That Franciscan Autumn Leaf bowl is huge - perfect for a big fall salad (I've also got salad plates to match). Next to that is a sweet little American Ironstone dish for nuts or olives or what have you. And next to that is a gorgeous aqua serving bowl in the Granada Matador pattern by Taylor Smith and Taylor. How awesome would that look with some whipped sweet potatoes?

Save yourself some dishwashing with oven-to-table bakeware. Lots of Pyrex goodness.

And plenty of platters and plates for sides and cakes.

A little vintage stemware, and you're good to go!


MoonDoggie said...

I particularly like the blue covered bowl. :)

Anonymous said...

I am IN LOVE with that covered blue casserole dish. In LOVE.

Also, I noticed we were not Etsy buds. I have remedied that. You have such a great shop.

If you ever want to trade casserole dishes for photo editing services, let me know! wink wink nudge nudge