Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shop Find - Clio

In the issue of Food and Wine that I was all ga-ga over, I noticed Clio listed as a source for some of the ceramics, so I went to look them up. Clio is located in Soho, but also sells online. If I ever got the moxie to open my own brick and mortar shop, it would probably look at lot like Clio.

From their about page: "Representing a variety of styles from rustic to modern, Clio offers a treasure trove of plates, glasses, bowls, serving pieces, flatware, vases, table linens, lamps and more—all with an emphasis on design." Clio is run by a husband and wife team, who by opening the shop "...have realized their dream and are happy as clams." Don't you just love stories like that?

Anyway, they have some great ceramics in their shop:

hayvase seamflowervases1seamvase



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