Monday, August 4, 2008

Think Pink

The September 08 issue of Food & Wine magazine just rocked my world with this article entitled, "the new (almost) vegetarian." The article celebrates the fact that "a vegetarian life doesn't have to mean fake-meat dishes made with soy derivatives and animal protein knockoffs. Now, people who crave powerful flavors, surprise and subtelty in their food can eat brilliantly at restaurants, whether or not they order meat." Amen to that! The article features eight (!) recipes by none other than my hometown hero Jerry Traunfeld, who recently left the Herbfarm and is preparing to open Poppy on Capitol Hill. But I actually didn't even notice what the article was about for a few moments, because look:


Pink dishes! I wouldn't normally be drawn to pink, but there is something ethereal and almost earthy about these pieces. The artist is Christiane Perrochon, whose website describes her as "Obsessed with color and possessed with a sixth sense for discovering and developing hues that have rarely, if ever been seen in stoneware..."

This was nice too:

From the same article, but not pink, and by a different artist, Daniel Smith, whose works are available at Ochre. Ochre also carries Christiane Perrochon, but interestingly they only seem to have her work in blue, while they have some Dainel Smith works in pink.

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